"Who experienced dance, will never betray it"
Maurice Béjart



Life's too short not to do what you love about it. That is why I decided to combine some of my passions, interests and skills to create something that has not been on the market yet - a store entirely dedicated to the objects of everyday use and each of them has in them something of the magic of oriental dance. I hope that graphics designed especially for the products in the store will remind you every day about how life is beautiful when you have passion. Get a daily dose of belly dance, even if you're not going for training!

RaksMax is a dance enchanted in everyday life

High-quality designer products with graphics in the subject of belly dance are a great way to dance up your everyday life.
We have made every effort to give you a completely unique product. A product you won't find in a nearby store or order in a Chinese factory. RaksMax is a tribute to high quality and full individualism. The printing process for each product is entirely handmade. The heart and a whole lot of passion are put into creation of each product.
We try to make you feel special in here. Therefore, high quality accompanies not only the production process, but also the customer service process. You can count on us at every stage of the order - since clicking "Add to cart" untill receiving the expected package. We hope that the RaksMax shop will become a place where you will be happy to come back.